A Great Feeling of Community

Small towns have often been given a hard time by those ready to escape to the big city, but there has been a trend to move back to them. Rather than letting them die a quiet death, many young couples today have rediscovered their appeal. They see these less populated areas as a good place to raise their children, and they are seeking a feeling of community. While they might have escaped the small town where they grew up only a few years ago, moving to another small town might be just what they want.

One of the nicest things about living in a community with fewer residents is the feeling everyone looks out for each other, and that has become very appealing lately. For the last few decades, people have wanted to break those bonds and feel more independent. That might have suited them as soon as they left school and began a career, but marriage and children have changed that outlook for many. They want to know the people living around them.

City life often seems exciting, but it can be fairly impersonal. People tend to know only a few of their neighbours, and some take pride in knowing only their close friends and co-workers. The feeling of isolation may be what drives them to search for a less travelled path, and buying a home in an area where people want to know their neighbours can become a longing by those fed up with anonymity.

Making the move to a small town can be a large step, and there do tend to be fewer conveniences. Online ordering of goods and services can make the change easier to accept, and many people appreciate the slower lifestyle. Waving to the neighbours on a daily basis could become a comfortable part of life for those willing to take the big step to make a permanent change.