Combined Business and Housing Developments

When looking for a new home, many people make their decision based on the location of their jobs. They see long commutes as a continuing issue, and they want to spend as much time with their family as possible. Some developers have found it can be much more successful to build a neighborhood that also has local access to businesses, and the businesses get the benefit of employees with a short commute. It works out well for every party, and the bonus for the business and employees will continue over the years.

Combining businesses and housing developments is an idea that has survived since man first settled down, but modern building restrictions can make it tricky. Many areas require the businesses to be ones that will be quiet in a residential area, and they are often restricted as far as the type of employment they offer. Many developers have found it is best to lure companies that need office workers, or even those that sell goods already made. This bypasses the regulations that can stop the project, and it gives residents a feeling of security for their future.