A Feeling of Space

There are many areas where people in single family houses can reach out and hand their neighbour a cup of sugar through their kitchen windows, but this is not the way everyone wants to live. While it is often convenient to have a small yard and home, living on top of the neighbours does lack a sense of privacy. For those who crave a feeling of space, living in a rural area might not be possible. There are ways to create that feeling in even small areas, and developers have found it pays to invest in them.

Creative landscaping has always been a good way to increase property values, but it has become almost a necessity in marketing new homes on small plots of land. Modern homeowners want to feel they have plenty of privacy, and they are not always willing to wait until new trees mature. Fences can give them the privacy they want, but they require maintenance. They must also be replaced on occasion or they can become an eyesore.

There are many nurseries today that grow bushes and shrubs large enough to create a barrier between two plots of land without waiting for years. Creating a new development can take years, so purchasing the plants and maintaining them can be part of the cost of creating the right look for new homes. To help reduce the requirement for weeding, it's a good idea to lay some weed cloth over the earth and then weigh the weed cloth down with decorative dried aggregates, along with some silica sand if desired. While few development companies take this step, they are willing to take on the additional cost of buying more mature greenery. They know the cost can be passed on to their customers, so they know they are making a worthwhile investment in future profits.

A great garden is always a good place to have after a long and stressful day at work, and some developments now have garden spaces mapped out for each home. They have found that there are buyers willing to pay extra to have an expert plan and start their garden so they can begin enjoying it the day they move in.